The 4th International conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis (IPRIA)

List of Accepted Papers

No. Title
1 A Convoloutional Neural Network model based on Neutrosophy for Noisy Speech Recognition
Keywords: Convolutional Neural Network; Data uncertainty; Automatic Speech Recognition;
2 A Memory-Based Collaborative Filtering Recommender System Using Social Ties
Keywords: memory-based recommender systems; collaborating filtering; social networks; Epinions dataset
3 A New Approach Based on Dynamical Model of The ECG Signal to Blood Pressure Estimation
Keywords: Blood Pressure; Electrocardiogram; Dynamic Model; McSharry; Cuff-less;
4 A Novel Image Encryption Method Based On Chaotic Maps and Least Square Function
Keywords: Image encryption, Chaotic, Least square, Logistic map, Piecewise linear chaotic map
5 A Robust Vehicle Detection Approach based on Faster R-CNN Algorithm
Keywords: Image Processing, Deep Learning, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Convolutional Neural Networks.
6 A Study on the Refractive Effect of Glass in Vision Systems
Keywords: Glass Effect, Camera Calibration, Lens Distortion, Pinhole model, Refraction, Reprojection Error
7 A Variational Pansharpening Algorithm Based on Total Variation and Primal-Dual Optimization
Keywords: image fusion, pansharpening, primal-dual optimization, remote sensing, total variation.
8 Accuracy Improvement of Face Recognition System based on Co-occurrence Matrix of Local Median Binary Pattern
Keywords: face recognition, co-occurrence matrix, local binary pattern
9 Action Recognition in compressed domain using residual information
Keywords: action recognition, compressed domain, convolutional neural networks, real time applications
10 Active Transfer Learning for Persian Offline Signature Verification
Keywords: Active Learning, Transfer Learning, Signature Verification, SVM, Uncertainty
11 Alzheimer's disease diagnosis from structural MRI using Siamese convolutional neural network
Keywords: Alzheimer's Disease, Deep Learning, Siamese Convolutional Neural Network, Structural MRI
12 Automatic Weak Learner Selection for Pattern Recognition and its application in Soccer Goal Recognition
Keywords: Advanced weak learner, PDF discrimination, Object recognition, Video events recognition, Football analysis
13 Biologically inspired tracking with frequency divisive normalization model
Keywords: Biologically inspired visual object tracking, frequency divisive normalization model, fast Fourier transform, visual att
14 Capsule-Based Persian/Arabic Robust Handwritten Digit Recognition Using EM Routing
Keywords: Handwritten digit recognition, CapsNet, Deep learning, Hoda dataset
15 Coral Reef Management in Persian Gulf Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Keywords: corals, image processing, environmental monitoring, convolutional neural network.
16 Cross Platform Web-based Smart Tourism Using Deep Monument Mining
Keywords: Smart Tourism, Web Based Applications, Convolutional neural networks, deep learning
17 Deep and Sparse features For Anomaly Detection and Localization in video
Keywords: Machine Vision, Video anomaly detection, Convolutional Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Spatial-temporal CNN, Iterativ
18 Deep Generative Models: Deterministic Prediction with an Application in Inverse Rendering
Keywords: Generative models for prediction, Deep generative models, 3D shape inverse rendering
19 Deep Interpretation of Parkland Environment for Autonomous Landscaping Robot for the Green Smart City
Keywords: Deep Interpretation, Autonomous Landscaping Robot
20 Defect detection in metallic structures through AMR C-scan images using deep learning method.
Keywords: Anisotropic Magneto-resistive, Deep Learning, Deep Neural Network, Machine Learning, Magnetic Field Measurement.
21 Designing High Reliable Ensemble Classifiers Using Heuristic Algorithms
Keywords: ensemble classifier, reliability, multi-objective inclined planes optimization algorithm, classifier selection
22 Detecting Lung Cancer Lesions in CT Images using 3D Convolutional Neural Networks
Keywords: lung cancer detection, computed tomography, computer aid diagnosis, false positive reduction, 3D convolutional neural ne
23 Driver Distraction Recognition using 3D Convolutional Neural Networks
Keywords: convolutional neural network, distraction, driver action, fine-tuning, temporal information
24 Epileptic Seizure Prediction Using Spectral Entropy-Based Features of EEG
Keywords: Shannon entropy, Epileptic seizure prediction, Support vector machine classifier, k-nearest neighbor classifier, Electro
25 Evaluating Deep Learning Feature Towards Ranking of Immunocytochemistry Images
Keywords: Immunocytochemistry; machine learning; feature engineering; deep feature; convolutional neural network
26 Evolutionary Feature Selection Based on Semi-local Search
Keywords: feature selection, subspace search, genetic algorithm, particle swarm optimization, hybridization
27 Fully Unsupervised Salient Object Detection
Keywords: Salient object detection, Autoencoder, Mean Shift Algorithm, segmentation
28 GAKH: A new evolutionary algorithm for graph clustering problem
Keywords: Keywords Graph clustering, pattern recognition, genetic algorithm, Krill Herd, swarm intelligence
29 Handwritten Recognition in Hand Gesture Recognition based on Deterministic Finite Automata and Fuzzy Logic
Keywords: Machine Vision, Hand Gesture Recognition, Handwritten Recognition, Deterministic Finite Automata, Fuzzy Logic
30 Improving Persian Dependency-Based Semantic Role Labeling using Semantic and structural Relations
Keywords: semantic role labeling, full-syntactic parsing, shallow syntactic parsing, dependency tree, phrase-structure tree, Persi
31 Improving Retrievial of Pathological Liver Images in Multi-phase CT Data Using a Correlation Graph Distance
Keywords: Correlation graph matrix; strongly connected component; unsupervised manifold learning; image retrieval; liver tumor
32 Incorporating Gradient Direction for Assessing Multiple Distortions
Keywords: Image quality assessment, Multiple distortions, Gradient direction
33 Lagged Load Wavelet Decomposition and LSTM Networks for Short-Term Load Forecasting
Keywords: Short-term load forecasting (STLF), long short-term memory (LSTM), discrete wavelet transform (DWT)
34 Line Segmentation in Persian Handwritten Documents Based on a Novel Projection Histogram Method
Keywords: Line segmentation, skewed image, profile projection, spline curve smoothing, handwritten database Introduction
35 Logo Recognition by Combining Deep Convolutional Models in a Parallel Structure
Keywords: logo recognition; deep learning; convolutional neural network
36 Lumbar Spine Vertebral Compression Fracture Case Diagnosis Using Machine Learning Methods on CT images
Keywords: Vertebral Compression Fracture, Lumbar Spine, Support Vector Machine, k nearest neighbor, morphometric features, Active
37 Machine Learning Based Analysis of Structural MRI for Epilepsy Diagnosis
Keywords: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization, unified segmentation method, Support Vector Machine (S
38 Multiple GANs And Its Application For Pseudo-Coloring
Keywords: Multiple GANs, Pseudo-Coloring, Image Processing, Deep Learning, K-Means Clustering
39 Partially Covered Face Recognition in Presence of Headscarf for Surveillance Applications
Keywords: face recognition, surveillance, Haar cascade, LBPH, SVM.
40 Representational Learning from Persian Handwriting for Offline Signature Verification, a Deep Transfer Learning Approach
Keywords: Offline Signature Verification, Transfer Learning, Residual CNNs, Handwriting
41 Singer Identification by Vocal Parts Detection and Singer Classification Using LSTM Neural Networks
Keywords: Music Information Retrieval, LSTM Network, ANN, Classification, Polyphonic Music signal
42 Sparse Representation-based Multi-focus Image Fusion in a Hybrid of DWT and NSCT
Keywords: Multi-focus image fusion, discrete wavelete transform, nonsubsampled contourlet transform, sparse representation
43 Splicing localization in Tampered Blurred Images
Keywords: digital images, splicing forgery, tampering detection, blur type inconsistency, blur type features, blur inconsistency d
44 Three-stream Very Deep Neural Network for Video Action Recognition
Keywords: Action recognition, three-stream, long-term motion, sparse trajectory
45 Time-Invariant 3D Human Action Recognition with Positive and Negative Movement Memory and Convolutional Neural Network
Keywords: Action recognition, skeleton, Kinect, time invariant, shape space, convolutional neural networks.
46 Towards Information Theoretic Measurement of Fidelity and Diversity in Handwriting Synthesis
Keywords: Handwriting Synthesis, Generative Models, Neural Networks, Information Theory, Human-Computer Interaction
47 Unsupervised Hyperspectral Target Detection Using Spectral Residual of Deep Autoencoder Networks
Keywords: hyperspectral anomaly detection; deep auto encoder; spectral residual; target detection
48 Vehicle Detection in ITS Based on Improved Background Modeling Method As An Advanced Pattern Recognition Strategy for Surveillance Purposes
Keywords: Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM), Intelligent Transport System (ITS), object detection, Statistical processing.

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